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Very sad news regarding the coming series: Konnie Huq is relinquishing her role as host of Xtra Factor.


By very sad you mean very good right? She was brilliant at creating truly awkward moments that I am sure I will watch over and over again online when I'm in the mood of finding something utterly cringeworthy and dreadful to watch but as a presenter of a programme like this she was appalling.
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BBC Scotland - the launch

I see the reasoning behind The Nine - its on at a time when other news isn't - but nobody seems to want to watch it. That said, it benefits BBC Scotland most in that timeslot, viewers or no viewers.

7 is too early; put it on at 8 and you take up a slot where something like Home of the Year does well in because it faces less competition than at 9; 10 would make no sense as people could watch the main BBC or ITV news.

The controller explained that was the case when they launched the channel - they decided to go for nine because it was such a competitive slot on all channels, so doing anything else there seemed a bit of a waste of a programme.

It's not a great strategy though. It's a competitive slot but that's because people want to watch anything but news at 9. BBC One of course took advantage of News at 10 shifting to move their news away from 9, S4C have just moved their news from 9 to 7:30. No one watches The Nine, it averaged 22k last year. Going through the last six or so weeks of BARB figures and it appears in the top 15 once. That's a hell of an expensive programme to make for so few viewers. I'm certain they'd be able to attract more viewers with literally any other genre of programme at 9.

There was a Broadcast article in 2019 where several indie bosses were complaining that BBC Scotland completely loses the momentum gained from 7pm till 9pm when The Nine comes on which is true. The news chief responded saying it was staying put.

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Channel 4

Some lovely new idents coming soon celebrating 100 years of women being able to vote.