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Saturday Night Takeaway 2021

Golden tickets will still be given out then, presumably last year's winners still haven't gone on holiday.

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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Keeping up public morale and mental health is an important part of the pandemic response and that like it or not that does include television; it's one of the reasons why the government set up its emergency TV insurance scheme to get the industry up and running again. People need entertainment and motivation whilst staying locked up inside and shows need to stay in production because of that, particularly at a point when the pre-recorded shelves are becoming particularly bare.

Anyone on here who has been involved in a production during the pandemic will know how Covid regulations are policed to the point of tedium on set and DOI will be no different. There's no reason why it can't be safely produced. All concerns raised on here with regards to what happens with injuries, cast and crew movements etc. will have been planned for meticulously by a team with a far better insight into how to operate in the current conditions.

The idea that people will watch Dancing on Ice and will be motivated to break the rules and leave home is one of the dumbest things I've read on here, sorry.