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This may have been covered earlier, but has Discovery got any experience of funding news projects anywhere else in the world? If the answer is no, two issues arise:

1/ There may not be enough money available to get it off the ground, or at least get a decent enough channel on air. Strip the Andrew Neil
hype out and we could very well have something
of the quality of Arise News! We’ve already seen how dire the production standards of Spectator TV are, so he’s proved he’s willing to put his name to pi@s poor TV!

2/ When, not if, the project fails to bring in any profits, Discovery will run. This is not Home and Garden TV. Its the serious grown up stuff! Discovery will want nothing to do with it when it realises TV News is a cash burner!

I agree this does seem like an odd project for Discovery to be backing. I wouldn't be so sure that it will necessarily be a loss making service if it's going to focus more on opinion led programmes rather than hard news. News gathering is the expensive thing with news channels, it could be they do a Sky News Radio style affair and outsource the news updates.

It sounds like it's basically going to be the same as what LBC and Times Radio offer via their online feeds but broadcast to a wider audience via traditional platforms. I assume LBC makes a profit?

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Channel 4

Some lovely new idents coming soon celebrating 100 years of women being able to vote.