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…and finally


Well this is very sad news. I have been on here since 2007 and it was always a very considered place to learn about TV presentation.

I certainly understand why you are giving up as there did seem to be a lot of politics and bad temper rants happening on the threads in recent times.

Anyway I was never a great poster as there was always much more knowledgeable insiders on here which made for many an interesting read.

I wish you well Asa and thank you for bringing us TV forum!

Best Wishes!

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Blue Peter's 60th anniversary

The trouble is rightly or wrongly Blue Peter is a show that survives on its history rather than its appeal to today's generation - it does stick out in the CBBC schedules like a sore thumb.

I really don't understand this. I watch BP from time to time and it is a really excellent programme. Kids are still writing in to the programme in fact there are more now than in 2011. Programmes like Blue Peter and Saturday Mash Up are totally unique to the BBC now and they are programmes the BBC show be doing. Endless Drama, cartoons, comedy are all well and good but it nice to see a magazine format that kids can actually interactive with Live.