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Launching an OTT Sports Service

It’s a Rugby team, we have a 24 hour full 80 minutes embargo but aside from that, we’re able to stream Academy, Women’s and U16s games for free.

We’re charging for it, £5.99 a month but I have a video camera, Premiere Pro and that’s it as it stands. No extra budget allocated.

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Vice Magazine 'to Launch News Channel'

gonzo posted:
Is there really a gap in the market that needs filling? I think rolling news stations already saturate the airwaves plenty, would no one else agree we are spoiled for choice. Do they mention specifically what they can bring to the table that no other news outlet can offer?

It could fill the Current TV, Young People, Brooklyn type demo?

Given that Current folded is that demo big enough for a channel like that to exist?

That video does look quite exciting and they've clearly done some incredible work but I can't imagine they'd be able to sustain such high quality reporting across multiple stories every day of the year.

They did a HBO series earlier this year that was excellent. Spike Jonze has really changed their outlook - they concentrate more on video now and it's helped them move across content. It may have a detrimental effect on the website, but they do have a lot of people who can keep up content, all over the world. The set up is already there, it just needs to be properly converted (and they have enough money to do that). I think there is space, but they need a few established names on the network I think.