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International News Presentation: Past and Present

Those arrogant Morrocans, eh?! 😂 By the way, for the record, I am a dual citizen of Canada and the UK, and was actually raised in a bilingual household, so Mouseboy, I do understand these things. I’m also well aware (as a speaker of Québécois French) that the language is ‘different’. It’s more of a dialectical difference. I have friends in France who fully understand me and just think it’s funny. Although I probably shouldn’t declare that I have friends in France as, according to you, my culture is defined by the Yanks. I’m off for a hot dog, some weak beer and squeezy cheese, or something like that 😂. Anyway, enough of this. We can all agree to disagree and get on with things. My view in general of Québécois television is that TV news design is always a bit of pale attempt at French style. The TV dramas are good though!
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Eurovision 2018

One thing Portuguese TV does fairly well is live event television. All of the main channels broadcast live music shows on location for several hours every Sunday. They love a party and have their own personality. It'll be great, regardless of budget issues!