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GMB | Patsy Palmer “Walk-off”

Are we placing bets yet on when the show will be ditched? ITV execs must be holding emergency meetings and desperately trying to make plans for yet another new breakfast show.
The Patsy incident has to be the straw breaking the camel’s back. What we witnessed there was a celeb having the confidence to call out something that embarrassed her. I can guarantee this wouldn’t have happened had the Piers Morgan debacle not taken place days earlier. The show is now caught in a spiral. Viewers, social media users and guests will feel empowered to call out nonsense and the criticism will peak, followed by a general ‘is that show still a thing?’ attitude. All in all, it’s badly damaged goods and needs to go.

So, what should they do next? My personal view
is that it’s time for ITV to embrace one of two options:

Option 1 - Extend This Morning to include breakfast, with News opts from ITV News.

Option 2 - Go down a complete News format route. If it’s good enough for the BBC, just copy it.

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Armed Insurrection at US Capitol Building

BBC One doesn't even have an extended 10 O'Clock News scheduled, as of the time of this post. ITV News At Ten runs to 10:35, so a grand total of 5 extra minutes.

The BBC have added their own 5 minutes now. Enough time for a few vox pops with terrorists in the interests of balance.

And this here is the problem, people not tolerating other views. I’m no Trump fan, but there’s a significant number of people who believe Trump was ‘cheated’.

It’s important to understand their point of view for ‘balance’.

This isn’t a clear cut issue like climate change coverage. Climate change deniers should not be interviewed for ‘balance’ - they have been scientifically proved wrong. These ‘mobsters’ should have their voice heard.

There’s a real issue now. Social media encourages partisan views of the world- people have forgotten how to be analytical and know it’s okay to disagree but understand people are entitled to different view than theirs.

Anyway, back on topic...

Any videos of how the American networks broke into coverage?

I don't want this to turn into a heated Trump debate, but if you read your post back to yourself, you'll realise how silly it sounds. The example of climate change can be used with the US election. Twitter is a great example of this, with its new feature highlighting false news. ALL claims of voter fraud and corruption have been proved incorrect. Courts have listened to the claims and thrown them out. Republicans have - in large percentages - agreed the claims are nonsense. So, just like climate change, there should be no time or space afforded to people who attempt to thwart democracy. The only time that should be allotted in news to coverage of such scenes and claims is to explain, with facts, why they're wrong. It's what the BBC would do if this was happening in Pakistan or the Middle East.