BBC National/News Channel from New Broadcasting House

Is it really expensive to have one or two camera operators on the BBC nowadays?

In a word. Yes.

It would increase the daytime technical gallery staffing (for non-BBC One bulletins) from 3 to 4/5 people. That's a major cost increase. Even BBC One bulletins just get a single lighting/vision/remote camera person - but even adding a single extra job to the gallery would be a significant cost.

A major reason for putting in Mosart and Furio cameras must have been to reduce the staffing to at least pre-News Channel levels (3 during the day, 2 overnight) Remember the BBC has to make 20% cost savings at the moment. Increasing staff levels doesn't really help with that...

Oh come on. People expect better of the national broadcaster. What price to not make the National News look like a joke?

I think around 100,000 a year - you could have 2 proper camera ops controlling the robots on 7 day fortnights (11am - 11pm) plus holiday / sick cover. Its a drop in the ocean.

And it'll be worth it compared to the bad PR of the cameras doing a dance when Nelson Mandela / a senior Royal passes away.

The BBC One bulletins (at least during the week) do have an operator, it is the News Channel that doesn't. They are what most viewers watch - and what people think are the National News. There have been very few issues on these bulletins.

I don't disagree that it would be great to have more operators across the board. However the investment was made in Mosart and Furio - not staff. You can't get a refund on that. Adding extra costs in the current environment is very unlikely to happen.

And to be honest - during breaking news the cameras hardly move - so you're arguably less likely to have issues then, not more.

Thanks for clearing that up, I was told there were no operators full stop. A few of the mistakes I'd seen were on the One O'Clock News during Breaking News, that's why I mentioned it. Does the One have an operator or just the 6 and 10?