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Alastair Stewart to leave ITV News.

fox1 posted:
Always thought he was silly and pompous and full of himself... since 1987!!! As a kid - when you like everybody - he was nice to have as part of the "News at Ten" furniture and other bulletins, but later it was obvious he was a bit of a pain.

its interesting that I've not seen a single person he worked with of any ethnicity say a bad word about him since this news broke and the general reaction from most people maybe as high as 95% is positive towards him. They discussed it on GMB during the papers and not one of the 6 of them thought he should have gone. They then had a second discussion at the end of GMB with a black woman and a black man. The Woman thought it was racist and the man said he had done nothing wrong

Obviously, man, he was not a tyrant or something. I wasn’t saying that. And who would come on air and crap on him? (and i mean a low-level git lol.) However - the tweet speaks for itself, and it backs up exactly what I said. It’s pretty evident he’s a bit of a pompous dude. And a very good evening.. to you. 🤣

edit: sorry to his fans, not trying to be wildly offensive. just i thought he was a bit of a pompous old thing and not a fan of his style (and he came across to me as self-aggrandizing). Not against posh accents per se - Sandy Gall was my favourite.. and he had the common touch.

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Thames News

fox1 posted:
Some of my favourite Thames News moments, captured by yours truly all those 25 years ago:

Any reason why this clip is immediately followed by what looks like the opening to the National Nine News in Australia?

We lived in London for 3 years and returned to Sydney with a heap of Betamax tapes of British TV - which I still have. Just for the TV alone, being in the UK at that time was great - ITN at its zenith, TV-am, Thames and LWT just as they should be, The Channel 4 Daily, Anneka Rice, the brilliant eras of the Nine O'Clock News - the list goes on! And then, I continued taping here. Smile