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Doctor Who usually have an opening sequence before the titles. I wonder if all the episode will start with the titles?

It seems to be harking back to the classic series with the titles themselves so I imagine it’s a decision they’ve made on purpose to have no pre-titles sequence similar to the classic series (mostly).

I can't determine if that's a good thing or not.

I love the way that the Ident fades to black and titles appear to emerge from there.
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Best and Worst Regional Titles and Themes

I think the best for me has to be

Central West from 1997... The music, the colour scheme (very 90s I know) and even the little window on the weather in the cake logo shape. A lot of thought went into it and it shows.

The future was certainly touted to be bright when they moved to Gas Street. It's a shame as the studio centre opened as 16:9 capable and I understand a lot of the graphics were designed in 16:9.

I agree Mike, and I see that it was in the thread earlier too; whilst saying that it has a 90s feel now, at that time it felt ahead of its time to me, and wonderfully stylised the central cake into a flat, single colour design. It worked very well... just a shame that Carlton decided to bin off the cake logo rather than use it in a similar way.

Staying with the Midlands, I have a fondness for this Midlands Today theme (and the way that the shapes spin between headlines) https://www.tvark.org/?page=media&mediaid=81403

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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

Has this ever been posted here?