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I suppose the programme could launch a few weeks later though that would take away the head start and plant them in at the same time as Strictly returns.

I've always wondered why they don't extend the auditions as imo they are the most interesting part, they'll have the clips there to use and extend it by a few episodes. And because I'm a stickler for good continuity I'd love to see them say "tonight we're in london" and stay in that location rather than changing half way through an episode only for the original location to pop up again a few weeks later. Anyway, that's my personal preference.

I do think Hatton Cross has hit the nail on the head with the move to a new location. Wouldnit he feasible to expect each contestant to learn a new song and dance routine over night? Or would they have weeks of rehearsals to learn 9/10 songs and routines?
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Best and Worst Regional Titles and Themes

I think the best for me has to be

Central West from 1997... The music, the colour scheme (very 90s I know) and even the little window on the weather in the cake logo shape. A lot of thought went into it and it shows.

The future was certainly touted to be bright when they moved to Gas Street. It's a shame as the studio centre opened as 16:9 capable and I understand a lot of the graphics were designed in 16:9.

I agree Mike, and I see that it was in the thread earlier too; whilst saying that it has a 90s feel now, at that time it felt ahead of its time to me, and wonderfully stylised the central cake into a flat, single colour design. It worked very well... just a shame that Carlton decided to bin off the cake logo rather than use it in a similar way.

Staying with the Midlands, I have a fondness for this Midlands Today theme (and the way that the shapes spin between headlines) https://www.tvark.org/?page=media&mediaid=81403

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BBC Oneness - idents and presentation

Has this ever been posted here?