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Royal Coverage | Harry, Meghan and Oprah

In Austria it was shown on public broadcaster ORF1.

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European Equivalents of Legacy (ex-analogue) UK channels

TVVT posted:
Austria also has one called Puls 4, a sister channel to ATV. Switzerland has quite a few, with the most notable being 3 Plus TV. Others include TV24 and S1.

What I know is that Austria gets the German RTL-branded channels (not sure about the ProSieben ones) but have the German ads replaced with Austrian ones. TF1 in Switzerland has Swiss ads in it.

What I am not sure of is if their programming line-up is identical to what is aired in those channels’ respective home countries.

In Austria we get all the German RTL-Group and ProSiebenSat1-Group channels, as they are FTA on Astra 19.2°. There are the German versions and the Austrian versions. Austrian versions have Austrian ads. On the ProSiebenSat1-channels some shows are substituted (News, morning show, ...).
ATV and PULS4 are native Austrian channels that were bought by ProSiebenSat1 after their start as independent channels.
The only independent nation-wide channel now is RedBull's ServusTV.
ServusTV did it the other way round and started a German version of its program a few years ago. Between the 2 ServusTVs the schedule varies a lot more than it does on the ProSiebenSat1-channels. They have own news-shows for Germany but also need to fill time with other content for Germany when it comes to sports and other stuff for which they only have rights for Austria. Therefor the Austrian version is encrypted on satellite, the German version is FTA