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Hi Daniel, I think you've misunderstood. Nobody suggested the ATV logo was "fake" or that anybody from Lost Media had done it, its entirely plausible it was retro added by ATV, maybe as part of a repeat season a few years later. That happens quite a lot these days where old TV programmes are repeated and their front caps/old logos (Thames for example) are effectively airbrushed out. in 1955 there was only one ITV company on air at all (Associated-Rediffusion weekdays and ATV at the weekend) in the London region. The squashed logo was replaced in 1958 with the variation that stuck (for the most part) until the 1980s.

My mistake; it was this comment that gave me that impression:

"Seems to be a recreation, they've tried to do a good job with the film grain/damage but yeah, it doesn't have the 'Jitter' the rest of the credits have."

I misinterpreted "they've tried to do a good job with the film grain/damage" as "they've tried to do a good job of trying to make it look like the same scratches on the rest of the video"

Carry on Razz
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Hey guys, dycaite from the Lost Media Wiki here. Came across this thread recently and I'd like to clarify a few things about Noddy and the Moon - though first and foremost, thank you for sharing the episode here and increasing its exposure, much appreciated!

So - I bought this episode on a 16mm film reel at the beginning of this year from a private collector in Germany (an admin on here can DM me and I'll put you in touch with him, if anyone wants to corroborate that directly) who came across our page on the series and reached out to me, as he was in the process of selling off some of his film reels, including this one. I don't know how or where he originally obtained it, but here is a photo of the reel itself:


I don't know what to tell you about the ATV logo since I'm not an aficionado on UK TV. However, I had this reel scanned via 2K .DPX files - one per frame - all of the ATV ones which I have provided here for your closer examination (I also took the liberty of converting them all into TIF files so you don't even need Photoshop to view them, but the DPX files are there in their untouched state too for those curious; I don't know why the TIF files are larger, that's just the way Photoshop spat them out when I batch converted them):


I intend to eventually upload all 19,038 DPX files to the Internet Archive but as I'm in Australia, my internet speeds aren't great, and they total close to 230GB of data :/

Now, I'm not necessarily saying that this was the assertion, but, for the record:

I would not fake any part of this, nor would I even know how to do so convincingly (furthermore, why would I? What benefit could I possibly get by editing a different logo in at the end?). It would go entirely against the whole point of the website.

Since I started the wiki in 2012, a lot of work and passion has been put into keeping it informative, up to date, and most importantly, as accurate as possible. I would have absolutely no reason to fake anything and I am also a publicly outspoken opponent of people who try to fake "lost" media, which does happen from time to time (and yes, we use a different definition of the term "lost" on the wiki - call me crazy, but "The Lost/Hard-to-find/Unreleased/Cancelled Media Wiki" doesn't exactly roll off the tongue Razz)

If this is indeed a "recreation" of the logo, for whatever odd reason, then it's baked into the reel itself and was not digitally added after the fact. I can only assume that the reason that final shot is in a bit better quality than the rest is simply that when most people previously played the reel, they turned it off during the credits, so it saw less degradation.

Anyway, that aside - the reel itself was transferred in late July by the Australian TV Archive in Victoria, who can corroborate its legitimacy; any admins on here - also feel free to contact me if you would like me to put you in touch with the individual who did the transfer if you'd like to also confirm this with them.

I have also provided you guys with the raw WAV file of the episode's audio track here:


Hopefully this has cleared things up a bit, feel free to hit me up with any additional questions you may have Smile

-Daniel (aka dycaite)