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Or just remove the sunglasses smiley. I've never seen anyone intentionally use it.
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Half of furloughed workers are now back at work. The economy is reopening. Flights and holidays have resumed, bars, shops and restaurants are open. People are spending as much, if not more than they did before the pandemic.

We’ll be OK. The NHS will now have the time to prepare for a second wave, and if all goes well, we should start to see a working vaccine in place by early next year.

Might want to tell that to people in Greater Manchester, East Lancashire, and West Yorkshire Wink

And Leicester. 😯

And anyone working in the live events / arts industries, even the salaried ones, many of who will get their redundancy notices in the coming days as the furlough scheme closes with no sign of work restarting. If you're planning to go to a show / concert / festival in the next 18 months, make sure you have alternative plans, many of the companies that make those events possible are going to close down in the next few weeks unless the government steps up.
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Why is there any need to make another topic post when we already have numerous topics that are more interesting than this, Curto?

Threads like this are literally the entire point of this forum