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…and finally

As the final day arrives, I too shall be signing off. Again many thanks to Asa and everyone who has helped out with running the site, both on the screen and behind the scenes. I think this site has always been my number one for sense of community, there's no where else quite like it.

Not sure if I'll sign up for any of the replacements, so this may well be the last time you are subjected to my mutterings, but until our paths cross again, it's been a good run!

PS I never regretted the gaffer tape thread Cool
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Wales Today Central Square launch

RDJ posted:
Needless to say that Points West is desperate for a new set given their current set is over 10 years old now.

BBC Bristol have form for using second hand sets . . . they gave this one a new home after Liquid News discarded it.

I though this was our stock Liquid News screenshot round here?