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Eurovision 2021 - Netherlands - NPO/AVROTROS/NOS

Ratings were good for week 1 though - up on 2020, I believe. I thought it was a shame they cut the songs from 8 to 7. But I tend to zap through the show on catchup in the semis - made really easy by their online player, which has markers for where all the songs are!

I used this for the first time this week and it's excellent. Definitely better than sitting through all the filler.

It's amazing how much the audience is important to the show, you really realise that watching it. They could do with cranking the fake applause and cheering up a little bit more, it's been really devoid of atmosphere so far, more so than other entertainment shows during Covid, including the Norwegian MGP. Also weirdly I actually think the show could have benefitted from being in a large arena, even if it was empty, to give it a bit more scale. The set feels so cramped compared to usual that they might as well be in a TV studio.

I've seen some updates that they're tweaking the set design for the shows at the Ahoy in Rotterdam and the green room will be expanded and now take up most of the arena floor

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The Sky News Thread

I loved Ed Conway's screen, it looked so clear in high def even when they zoomed in and it had a very matte surface, I was sure it was CSO'd in like weather maps behind presenters

The VR elements also looked great

Well done Sky, all in all a great presentation and nice to be in the atrium outside of the glass box