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I think the trouble kind of stems from social media in a way - journalists who have been professional for years and nothing but impartial on screen are suddenly sharing their own opinions on certain individuals and policies which appear to sway one way, especially in the context of your own timeline which will likely swing one way too, suddenly brings their suitability into question. Andrew Neil for example tweeting a Nancy Pelosi comment on Boris Johnson today basically saying "What does she know?" suggests he is far from suitable to be involved in the BBC's election coverage, but I'm sure if I bothered to go looking there would be plenty of criticism of Trump too.

Somebody calling out Pelosi for saying that Boris Johnson decides what drugs the UK licenses is extremely suitable to be involved in any channels' US election coverage!

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Sky News | October 2019 Onwards

I’m really surprised they won to be honest. The Newsnight Prince Andrew interview is now legendary and continues to have an impact to this day. Lots of broadcasters covered the Hong Kong story.

But then there were some baffling choices all through this year’s ceremony.

To be honest, I don't see how a pre-recorded interview would be classified as news coverage.