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South West England & CI Thread

It’s a massive oversight not to properly build studio spaces any more in my opinion. They always suffer from things like lack of height, lack of depth, lack of sound soak, too much rogue light (I’m looking at you The Mailbox), natural light in the wrong place (thinking about the original plans for Breakfast at Salford) or lack of access (for things like the set to go in).

Nottingham got a reasonable Tv studio and I think it was always designed to be a tv studio. It has decent height, access doors and is a good size for what they need.

Oxford was converted from a Large radio studio but they decided to make the biggest possible tv space by removing almost all of the sound soak from the walls (and has been very lively sounding as a result ever since.)
(Always meant to clean the top of that autocue hood...)

It’s not limited to tv though - an awful lot of the radio studios at NBH are in office space and have very challenging acoustics as a result as I understand it. Somebody decided they’d look awfully good with glass walls so people could see into them. Amazing. They’ve been fitted with some fabric baffle things which are supposed to help.

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BBC World/BBC News - Technical Issues Again??

It’s OpenMedia in London that’s having problems, not mosart, not the cameras, not viz, not the servers. it’s still possible to make programmes in the studios, it’s just harder to prepare running orders. Other OpenMedia servers are running, hence why it was a sensible decision to move the nationals to Millbank. I am guessing most of Beyond100Days was prepared in Washington on their system.

The reasons the integrated headlines at 6 and 10 were dropped were to simplify the opening slightly and also stop 15 other galleries trying to log into OpenMedia to check Out words and so on. Talkback can be sent to the regions from anywhere (Elstree is routed for Children in Need for example).

Given the circumstances, I think they’ve done a tremendous job keeping things running as well as they have. Must have been a rotten shift.