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9 million consolidated figure for episode two. Supporters of #NotMyDoctor have been quick to point out a "steady decline" since the series debut but it's holding up very strongly.

With one exception, every series of New Who has seen a drop in viewers between the first and second episode. They usually have a further drop, but by episode 3 they level out.

And let's just remind the "steady decliners" that if they want to argue on viewing figures - after two episodes - series 11 is, so far, the highest rating series of New Who, episode by episode (highest rating first episode, highest rating second episode). It's also beating most of Classic Who, in fact.

I wouldn't be surprised to see episode 3's figures buck the trend and go up on the week before, given all the positive buzz it's had. Even at the height of New Who mania, I don't remember third episodes getting discussed on Breakfast.
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Coronation Street

I know it's not supposed to be realistic, but why would you go to a pub to buy a take-out bottle of wine when you have a corner shop and a Co-Op within walking distance? It would be more expensive from the pub at £12.75.

It was an excuse to go in and check if Elaine, his ex-wife, was staying/hiding in the pub (he'd just seen her on the street, then she disappeared while he hid round a corner).

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Continued implementation of BBC Reith

Even Steve McDonald's had enough of waiting.