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Oneness on lockdown - new idents for BBC One

JCB posted:
Remember the days when such an event would result in an ident worthy of five pages of posts within half an hour?

I'm sure you'll be in the thoughts and prayers of the 35,000 families who lost loved one's to this "event" which resulted In idents you didn't like. I'm sure they feel your pain. Stay strong.

I think the deaths from Covid 19 are awful. I also think these idents are crap. Two independent thoughts.

Steve was just saying that when a new ident was announced there'd be excitement on here, like during the circle era. Now under Oneness we know to expect something that won't be great.
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BBC Two 2018 Revamp

The idents look great but the BBC TWO text spoils it for me. At least they removed the box

I think ‘BBC TWO’ is in the right place, centre bottom. Network finally seeing that BBC Northern Ireland have been right all the time!