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cwathen Founding member

That 1989 ITV ident

noggin posted:
Eh - Thames had a digital ident from the mid-80s... The Thames reflected skyline was generated electronically far earlier than people may realise.

Any idea what the motivation was behind remakes like this? It wasn't just Thames, but many long running animated idents were remade during their lives, only to end up with something that wouldn't look any different to the majority of people. I can understand if you were playing out from a grubby piece of film then you might want to remaster onto a modern format, but why actually bother to remake them?

Whataday posted:

I tried a series of mocks a while back to make the V more accommodating for the local logos. Didn't really work.

I remember the mocks. What I think could have worked would be if the ident form up was slightly extended, so that it did resolve initially into the full logo spilling out of the end of the 'V' similar to your mocks, then the parts outside of the 'V' would fade away so only the part that in the was left. You'd still end up with only part of the logo visible on the completed ident, but at least it would be obvious where it had come and be part of the real logo rather than some weird abstract version.

632058 posted:
It's also possible then Anglia, Channel Television, TSW and Ulster could have taken the ident but were like meh and only used it for certain programmes etc Ie if you blinked you would have missed it

TSW definitely did not use the generic ident at all. Harry Turner ruled out the use of any presentation which would dilute TSW's own brand (in the mid 80's they were even editing out frontcaps from other stations a couple of years before the network officially ditched them). However, at about the same time as the generic look launched they did refresh their presentation. The main animated ident was relegated to use only as a frontcap for their own programmes, whilst new 'seasonal' idents and various accompanying slides were introduced for presentation use (and weren't actually very good tbh. Fortunately they still had IVC).

DE88 posted:
Staying on the subject of clocks, am I right or wrong in thinking that of the companies that did take the generic look, only Yorkshire and LWT used the accompanying clock?

I thought there was no 'official' generic clock as part of the package, some stations simply made their own interpretations of it to fit in?

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cwathen Founding member

Which ITV company from 1955 to 2002, had the best logo?

Pink is a very feminine colour in Britain - but not other countries - so it would be difficult to use as a prominent colour in any TV channel in Britain not aimed at a female audience apart from one for gays.

Thank you for clarifying pink as the official 'colour for gays' (although I must make sure not to confuse it with 'crushed strawberry' or any other non-conventional shade of pink).