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Unique simulcast on TV channels tonight

This won't happen for at least two reasons

a) Most of these things involve modifications to the games of some kind and the studios won't want to be involved with that because of liability reasons. You could easily make a soap opera using the sims. Most of the youtubers use a mod that enables teenage pregnancy. It's a storyline done in all our soaps. But the game doesn't naturally allow that, and EA wash their hands of the whole thing because of the games age rating - you can't even talk about it on their own forums.

So either EA will get involved in the show and no mods will be involved, or they won't allow the show to air with any game branding allowed.

b) The internet is international. Say you have a channel that gets 5 million views a video. What percentage of that is a British audience? 25% 50%? Is this content on BBC2/C4 exclusive to the UK audience, or is it also going on youtube but then blocked for UK viewers? What about copyright? Pretty much all content is uploaded to youtube's copyright system. There was an episode of Family Guy where they took footage from an old video game on youtube and dubbed voices over it. That then got uploaded to youtube's copyright system where youtube then removed footage of the game from youtube, because the videos were "ripping off family guy".
Is the youtube copyright system smart enough to work out that not all minecraft footage is the same? It already has issues with game cutscenes and thinking they're trailers.

I mean it's not likely but as far as idea to innovate the early evening schedule with family friendly content goes it's not the most ridiculous.

To answer both points. I suppose you either go one of two ways - you commission the youtuber to make TV exclusive content and get sanctioning from the game creator, obviously this is better in some scenarios than others (you'd imagine minecraft would say 'don't use the weed mod' but 99% of youtubers don't anyway) or it gets uploaded to the TV Channel's youtube account to circumvent the TV-copyright minefield rather than the youtubers own account. A lot of lower level youtubers don't make much more than anyone in a normal job, meanwhile the cost of producing a TV show is astronomically higher than that - there's a middle ground where a traditional TV channel could pay a youtuber enough to entice them across and get regularly programming that's much cheaper to make than even day-time TV in early evening. Obviously finding a YouTuber with wide enough appeal, playing a game with wide enough appeal who'd still benefit from such an arrangement and be willing to give up their flexibility to upload a day late and no-one bat an eyelid would be difficult but not impossible.

Obviously some games are far more open to the community usage of in-game footage than others, so it would need to be targeted carefully on that score as well. I totally understand that this is probably not going to happen, but I honestly thing it's something that's not as ridiculous as many on here think.

The alternative is of course to essentially run a gaming version of the gadget show that brings together a group of top-video gaming youtubers to discuss games and the content their putting out over the next month or so every so often, but that seems even less likely.

Re - the Microsoft rules - until this gets tested in court the entire online video game industry has problem - as you cited Minecraft here's the EULA from Mojang themselves which until we get legal definitions of fair use leaves us in a situation where if someone really wanted to do so they could attempt to shut-down the YouTuber industry as you insinuate - I really think for the sake of the industry these 'fair use' rules need clearer legal definition or to be court tested - this is one of the clearest you'll find - ads are okay on Minecraft videos - most games don't have that in their EULA.....

The question is whether server-play like Hermitcraft is technically commercial usage through branding of the game, yes they're allowed to put ads on the videos, but the extent to which they've built a brand around Minecraft could technically be in contravention of the EULA, I'd hate to see it tested cos I love groups like that but if it was it could be kapoosh for them and many like them.

Within reason you're free to do whatever you want with screenshots and videos of the Game. By "within reason" we mean that you can't make any commercial use of them or do things that are unfair or adversely affect our rights unless we've specifically said it's okay in this EULA, allowed it through the Brand and Asset Usage Guidelines, or provided for it in a specific agreement with you. If you upload videos of the game to video sharing and streaming sites you are however allowed to put ads on them . Also, don't just rip art resources and pass them around, that's no fun.

Essentially the simple rule is do not make commercial use of anything we've made unless we've specifically said it's okay. Oh and if the law expressly allows it, such as under a "fair use" or fair dealing" doctrine then that's ok too - but only to the extent that the law applicable to you says so.

And HOW would it suit BBC Two/C4?

It looks more suited for CBBC tbh.

Are you being deliberately obtuse.

Adults play video games and watch YouTubers who do. 'Family friendly' doesn't mean for kids.

It would suit both channels in that it's a current pro uct tapping into some of the most popular industries right now.

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The Sport Thread

JAS84 posted:
Ugh, lots of fans gathering, no social distancing, I guess the fans can't be trusted after all! Expect a surge of Coronavirus cases in Merseyside in the next few weeks.

Their actions aren’t right however that’s just a lazy, cliched opinion. Everyone said this after VE Day and the BLM marches. There hasn’t been any noticeable surges after these events. The BLM marched had tens of thousands of people attending.

It takes 3-4 weeks for any virus surge to filter through, wait another week or two before being so confident.

The daily deaths figure today was higher than the same figure a week ago - the downwards trend is at least coming to a halt if not yet reversing.