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BBC Publishes Annual Plan

Appalled to see that the national anthem was not typed at the beginning of the report. Yet more blatant anti-British behaviour from the BBC.


Sorry but it is this type of attitude and the attitude of the presenters towards that minister's flag which embodies the disconnect between Auntie and much of the general public.

I love Auntie and it's this sort of Emily Thornberry(?) sneering which endangers it.

It is also not a very funny joke.

If you are going to come across to TVLF, would you mind making these puerile digs on Twitter instead of the rest of us having to put up with it?

Thanks in advance.

I'll pretend to know who Emily Thornbury is and decline the offer to even bother acknowledging the existence of twitter but on a more serious note apologise for my post if it has caused frustration..

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Good Morning Britain in 2020

It's rather self-indulgent to spend 4 minutes discussing technical problems.

Mention it, by all means, but it's not "news".

Considering it's normally a 16-hour slot for Piers to moan, I think 4 minutes is acceptable for a power cut.