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Children In Need 2019

It's a good little show though I've only caught one episode this summer - think they used it as filler rather than gave it a full repeat run.

Sadly though the telethon itself is pretty poor nowadays, and not just through missing Wogan. They might as well just repeat the same one year after year. Rylan's Ka-Ry-Oke on Radio 2 was good fun though to drop in and out of, and raised £900k. I'm assuming that'll be Radio 2's main contribution now Chris Evans has moved on - didn't he do a Car Rally and certainly some kind of auction, and I'm not sure if Zoe Ball is continuing with the latter.


Mr Evans is still doing Carfest North and South even though he is now at Virgin, but now instead of all the profits going to children in need its a 50 - 50 split between CIN and Other children's charity's. Tickets go on sale next Wednesday I believe both on Zoe's R2 Breakfast and on Chris's new Virgin Show

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Christmas Presents 2018

By ‘clean’ do you mean clean without the vocals or without the audience?

Hi Upload

In the case of Mrs Brown I was just after it without the audience, I would like the vocals as this is part of the theme, for strictly I just want the music without Tess (not that I have anything against Tess) and audience. Thanks

Although I don’t have the Stricly elimination bed I do have the Mrs Brown’s Boys theme without the audience.

Thanks for this upload much appreciated I thought that the strictly request may be harder to get but thanks for the Mrs Brown theme and a merry xmas to you