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Latest post in The Times’ Radio Station after “BBC News Stars”

Jon posted:
I’m not sure I’d say it was overdone, stations that do it obviously think it’s worthwhile even if you’re not a fan.

I think as soon as you start introducing them on a major scale to Times Radio it automatically becomes a more tabloid product.

I'd be more of a fan if producers were more selective about the contributors they put on, but that's not what happens, because it's way cheaper and quicker to bring callers to air, than spend pre-production time booking guests who could fill up the time with more worthwhile or at least more interesting content. It's got absolutely nothing to do being a worthwhile endeavour in itself, and everything to do with being cheaper and less time consuming.

You are correct in your second point though, and that's why I don't think they will introduce phone ins, as it will cheapen the product, make it feel more tabloid, and thus detract from the prestiege of The Times as a radio brand.
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The blog order order has an article apparently off the back of a BBC worker regarding voice-over announcers for England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. There are eight all reading the same thing and how it is a waste of money.

One, that's a right wing site with a known anti-BBC bias.

Two, other than regional news, the national continuity announcers are the best thing they do on the main channels. I would say, it's a shame that the english regions don't have seperate continuity announcers for the evening shift, but the bean counters at the BBC put paid to that back in 1980, and it isn't likely to come back. It's one thing that connects the audience to the main BBC channels in a better way than having just one national continuity announcer for the UK as a whole.

By that token, Global are wasting money having multiple feeds for all their local transmitters, when they could spend far less and just have one feed go out nationwide on all their Heart branded stations. But, of course, the right would argue that Global should do that if they want to, but the BBC shouldn't be allowed to. The hypocrisy of their whole argument just bores me.

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BBC News Channel Presentation - 21/03/16 onwards

Are you aware it’s sad and a bit boring? This forum should be used to discuss current presentations and opinion not have pages of dribble guessing when a new font/ type face is going to be used.

The irony in this comment is massive. One fan of a hobby regarded as sad and a bit boring, accusing other fans of that self same hobby, of doing something sad, and a bit boring.

Fonts are a minor detail in presentation terms, but it's still part and parcel of the presentation, especially on something like a news channel.

If you're not interested in it, fine, you don't have to read it.