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Joe Biden's Inauguaration

It was worth reliving this just to see this again:

Who is Olive Trump?


Clearly not the sharpest tool in the box!

Oh come on! That was a pretty obvious joke at the time, and still is now.

It's actually amazing to look back at the chaos of the last 4 years, and look forward to a term of a presidency that will be considered somewhat boring by comparison.

CNN will probably simulcast domestic coverage from 10am UK, as they usually do a lot of "pre-game" coverage on Inauguration Day. I imagine MSNBC will do something similar, they've done all day coverage from Washington before for inaugurations as well.

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Shepherd Smith hired at CNBC after leaving Fox "News"

Much ado about nothing. Quite a downgrade....

Fox News: 87 million households
CNBC: 93 million households.

What kind of downgrade is that? Also, going from a dubious "news" channel, to the premier business channel with potential worldwide reach, yeah I don't buy the idea that it's any kind of downgrade.