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Bauer rebranding 53 stations to The Hits/Greatest Hits

Sigh. Ever since we lost Plymouth Sound to Heart, Radio Plymouth has filled a slot which a lot of Plymouthians regard. It's done a good job in the last 10 years and when the pandemic hit it kept us going in work.

Now we're going to lose again.

The Radio Plymouth of 2020 is a shadow of its 2010 self. Barely any presenter-led shows and mainly jukebox format or voicetracked. They couldn’t even launch on DAB properly (no - 56kbit mono is not acceptable).

I actually welcome GHR replacing it as I reckon it’ll sound better than what we have now. You can’t really compare this to the Plymouth Sound -> Heart switch as there was certainly more presenter led programming albeit not much locally.

I believe it wasn’t in financially good health either so COVID has probably speeded things up.

Is losing Radio Plymouth a shame? Yes.
Will it be missed? For the majority, probably not. If you want local, BBC Radio Devon has it covered.

Given the state of Radio Devon at the moment, and the fact that their last official RAJAR figures were 172k reach and an 8.5 share, and that's across Devon, I wouldn't be so certain that Radio Devon does have it covered. I'd say that 35k/4.3 share audience that were reported by RAJAR as listening to Radio Plymouth as being well and truly up for the taking, and the likes of Goldmine could well benefit from some of that audience.

Heck, BBC Radio Cornwall aren't in a great position either. They've fallen from a peak of 172k reach and 17.9 share in Q3/2014, all the way down to a 96k reach and an 8.2 share. Neither station are best placed to capitalise on the downfall of Radio Plymouth.

As for what the Radio Plymouth of 2010 was, it was unsustainable. When I was there for a couple of months in 2011, the live programmes were just breakfast and drivetime on weekdays, 6am to 2pm on Saturdays and Sunday Breakfast, everything else was automation or a limited amount of voicetracking, and not great voicetracking at that.

The fact that they managed to have a daytime show at all, in the current situation, was something, even though the weekend was just weekend breakfast live, and they had recently added a Saturday evening show. But honestly, they have been for as long as I've known, just surviving month to month, barely making much in the way of income at all. Some months they did better than others, but overall, they just about survived year to year. Not much of a financial success at all.

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Shepherd Smith hired at CNBC after leaving Fox "News"

Much ado about nothing. Quite a downgrade....

Fox News: 87 million households
CNBC: 93 million households.

What kind of downgrade is that? Also, going from a dubious "news" channel, to the premier business channel with potential worldwide reach, yeah I don't buy the idea that it's any kind of downgrade.