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(Having said all that I used to read John Craven's Back Pages in my younger days! And somehow always imagined that Biddy Baxter personally wrote the Blue Peter billings!)

She probably did, actually, in the old monopoly days the billings used to be very idiosyncratic, the likes of Not The Nine O'Clock News ("Maen Nawr O'Gloch!"), Carrott's Lib and There's A Lot Of It About ("This week, Spike Milligan will be discussing 'does size matter?' with four beautiful naked women and definitely not watching this programme which isn't half as interesting") clearly used to put their own billings together themselves. Even Grandstand used to get some quirky billings ("Bob Wilson has a bigger postbag than Madonna"). Clearly when the other magazines started up they couldn't do it anymore.

Russell T Davies tells a story of when he wrote the Children's BBC Saturday morning series "Breakfast Serials", he would have to write the billing for Radio Times, and would write a description that bore no resemblance to the programme at all - and all of them got in! Weirdly even though I was about 6 at the time I remember those billings (and the programme itself) and wondering if there was some joke I wasn't getting...
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This one was promoted as the main anniversary ep at the time and the one to reveal the killer - the live twist at the end of the flashback episode later that night was just that. It’s a shame showing this one on its own implies Jane did it, I guess you could have glued together the flashback and Friday live but probably would have made less sense.

Lots of people on Twitter lamenting the loss of How’s Adam when in fact it was on the Monday episode that week.

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Denis Norden has died aged 96

All The Best From Denis Norden - his final show for ITV - is airing tonight at 2245