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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

I suppose my favourite was ‘Lorraine’ failing to get on air when, with about 5 seconds to go, someone spilled coffee or some such into the vision mixer panel which lit up like a Christmas tree and that was that and you could kiss it all goodbye.

Luckily we had a spare panel in storage and managed to swap them over in about 20 minutes. St7 had to fill in by staying on air for that period whilst Lorraine rushed up there to try and continue with something of a programme.

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…and finally

ASA, when I finished my last shift on my last day after many decades I walked away from the building, turned back to face it, folded my arms, looked up at it and said to myself ‘You’ve allowed me to be a small cog in a very big machine thats hopefully provided many thousands of hours of entertainment for millions of people and I thank you for the opportunity.

You can be pleased, very pleased with your efforts here. Thank you.