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I was spotted on RTE One during the Irish Lotto draws on a live broadcast from the 2012 Tall Ships Festival in Dublin. I along with my mum had seen ourselves on TG4 on Christmas Day 2014 while the station was filming for Nuacht TG4 at the Christmas Lunch in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

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The Sport Thread

Sky Sports F1 have put out a report today that the Australian F1 GP will be postponed or cancelled again arising due to severe Covid restrictions being in place once again at the start of the season. The Race Youtube channel had also submitted reports that Melbourne could be cancelled altogether. Unconfirmed reports are saying that Bahrain will host the F1 season opener on the 28th of March.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Regis Philbin was part of television royalty in the U.S. His work in it's television industry throughout his whole career was 2nd to none.

His role as host of WWBTAM was groundbreaking to watch when the show was beginning in it's infancy in the U.S.

It was really a wonderful experience to see his some of his TV broadcasting craft come alive when I had watched the recent ABC documentary about the show in the U.S. on Youtube when his old friend Jimmy Kimmel was appointed host of celebrity versions of the show. I'm so glad that Regis had the opportunity to visit the most recent of Millionaire when it was airing on ABC this year.

It's really sad to hear tonight that Regis Philbin has passed away. The man was a living legend to television hosts worldwide.

May he rest in peace.