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The Sport Thread

It makes the Channel 4 offering more attractive in that particular case. But we won't know what will happen with Sky's coverage during race day. Will they still keep it ad free or have advertising embedded in between the actual race? Maybe tomorrow could be interesting?

Re: F1TV Graphics for this year.

The F1 team logos on the live timings board in the top left of the screen look very unusual this year. They have a very glossy feel to them which makes them hard for the fans & casual viewers to read on screen when looking at them beside the driver's surname initials. Last years graphics did not have issue as you could have read them without any problem. You have both Mercedes & Aston Martin Cozignant both in Green which doesn't tell them apart when you are trying to see which driver is racing for which team.

I see there is new lower thirds showing the result & what tyres they used after the Q3 session was finished in Bahrain today. They were probably seen during the pre-season testing that was on Sky & afterwards on youtube. I think they look very neat.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Regis Philbin was part of television royalty in the U.S. His work in it's television industry throughout his whole career was 2nd to none.

His role as host of WWBTAM was groundbreaking to watch when the show was beginning in it's infancy in the U.S.

It was really a wonderful experience to see his some of his TV broadcasting craft come alive when I had watched the recent ABC documentary about the show in the U.S. on Youtube when his old friend Jimmy Kimmel was appointed host of celebrity versions of the show. I'm so glad that Regis had the opportunity to visit the most recent of Millionaire when it was airing on ABC this year.

It's really sad to hear tonight that Regis Philbin has passed away. The man was a living legend to television hosts worldwide.

May he rest in peace.