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New BBC social media guidelines

I don't think the BBC has handled this well. Tweets like:

paint the BBC in a very bad light.

The UK is joint fifth in Europe, with Portugal and Finland, on the Rainbow Europe 2020 rankings on LGBTI rights. Transgender rights in this country include the right to change your legal gender and name, the right to marry, enter the military, as well as anti-discrimination laws, and the right to access medical treatment as well as hate speech and hate crime laws in England and Wales.

The way the BBC has handled this leaves them open to the accusation that they're against trans rights, when the political debate isn't about the total abolition of the trans rights that already exist above, and is largely focused on the specific issue of self-identification.

What the BBC should be doing is expanding the understanding of the nation on trans issues; for example, surveys of public opinion on trans rights vary wildly because people don't understand the meaning of the jargon used to describe the various issues. The general population are woefully underinformed.

The restriction seems hugely unnecessary to me, and seems to have only fanned the flames against them without achieving much, if anything at all.
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