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Good Morning Britain in 2020

When Piers Morgan first stated (embarrassing as it is to say) it was quite exciting, fresh, and a new way of doing breakfast TV. Now it just seems like they need to top each outburst with a bigger one. I can't stand watching it anymore, it's just a platform to shout at people for a headline in The Express, Sun or Dailymail.

I suspect one day he will say something outrageous, then get fired. Then we will probably get a piers morgan 'lite' version. Someone with something to say like Richard Mandley or Eamonn Holmes (not them as they probably wouldn't want to do full time but someone similar) but doesn't go as far as Piers.

Personally, I do find BBC Breakfast a bit bland, but perfect for those who just want the news without controversy. I'm starting to find Sky News as a good middle-ground.

I do sometimes find ITV a bit hypocritical. They are constantly showing 'mental health talking campaigns' but proceed to keep using piers morgan on GMB and keep on showing love Isand...

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Election Night Results 2019: Presentation and Coverage

Quite impressed with the presentation of Sky News. Much better than the usual Adam Boulton rubbish, massive step up. BBC seems to step down, seems a bit of a mess the studio. Havent watched much of ITV's, have they been any good this year?