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Where do TV shows obtain instrumentals?

Simple answer: from the Labels/Producers of the respective tracks and/or Copyright holders.

Further to robharrison’s response, often music publishing companies used to send out ‘promo cd’s’ of upcoming new releases for productions to use. These would normally contain a radio edit and an instrumental.

Nowadays producers of programmes have access to a dedicated website for the music publishers where they can log in, find the track they’re after and download the tracks. The website will show all of the different versions of the track available (most will have an instrumental) and tune ID’s for the production team to include on their MCPS music cue sheets.

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Christmas Presents 2020

Hi Everyone,

Hope you're all getting in to the Christmas spirit! I think we all could do with something to look forward to this year and I for one always enjoy the 'Christmas presents' thread each year.

To get us started, I've uploaded a few treats including selections from Big Brother, One Born Every Minute, The Crystal Maze, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2020 and the BBC 2012 Olympic theme.


Via Metropol:

Big Brother :
One Born Every Minute :
The Crystal Maze :
BBC Olympics 2012 Theme:
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire :