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Newscaster of the.......Millennium

I'm gonna be a bit controversial here but

Overall Best Newscaster of this new Millennium 2000 to 2021: Tim Willcox - professional, calm, serious when he needs to be, but also a good sense of humour for the more light hearted stories, and able to have some great chemistry with the sport presenters and on the papers. Not to mention some truly outstanding field reporting particularly from Chile during the miner's crisis. Really great presenter.

Overall Best News Programme of this new Millennium 2000 to 2021: Newsnight - forensically covered some really big stories, and Emily Maitlis's Prince Andrew interview was truly superb.

Overall Best News Music of this new Millennium 2000 to 2021: BBC News 24 countdown music, pre-2010 relaunch.

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The BBC World News Thread

What fantastic coverage of the election result this afternoon on BBC News. And what an amazing job James Reynolds and Katty Kay have been doing with all the breaking news and a lot of insight. Two presenters who are clearly highly knowledgeable, very professional and well versed on US Politics.