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The 'Victoria Derbyshire' Programme

I'm sure if Victoria Derbyshire knew people like Martine McCutcheon and the Millwall first team were flying with easyJet she wouldn't have made such an ill judged remark.

What I was getting at was that people from all levels of celebrity fly easyJet. Only stuck up twats still think that easyJet and Ryanair attract chavs, where as the smart people have realised that if you are only flying short haul, you do not need to pay £1000+ to BA for a cheap plastic in-flight meal and a cheap bottle of corked plonk. You can take your own snacks onboard a low-cost airline (you certainly can on easyJet) or buy something off of the trolley when it comes through. You make a huge saving and celebrities just like the rest of us like to make a saving from time to time.

And I said that there were over 100 celebrities that I met during my time there, I could have reeled them all off but that would be a huge thread deviation. Victoria Derbyshire is stuck up, aloof and does not connect with viewers. Every day I see comments from people I follow on twitter who all want the show to be put out of their misery, mainly for the reason that they cannot stand Victoria. The only time the show is watchable is when it is presented by someone else - I wonder if the viewing figures were any better last week whilst Victoria was away?

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Chris Eakin leaves BBC News

Today is Chris Eakin's last day on the news channel, so just before one pm today, this happened:

Nicely done by whoever came up with that idea! Laughing