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Coronavirus - Impact on live/recorded shows

Jonwo posted:
Johnr posted:
If it was filmed post lock down, naugty Glasgow for sneaking in a few handshakes at the end Very Happy

Just read on Digital Spy the first 14 episodes were recorded early March but the next lot have been delayed until September, so there'll probably be some slight tweaks for those

I'm impressed they've managed to film 14 episodes in March, that means they will no gap between episodes if they manage to finish filming the next batch in September.

I wonder how Only Connect will film its episodes with the adjustment? Mastermind I assume can film without the audience and the contestants spaced apart.

Only Connect might have to space out the three contestants on each team, other than that, there is no studio audience anyway, it should be easy enough for them.

How would they confer?

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BBC Breakfast - 2018 Refresh

Can’t wait for everyone’s reaction on Tuesday morning when it turns out to be a slightly different shade of orange being used on something.