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Piers Morgan to leave GMB

Ittr posted:
They started using a two-metre distance from Monday 23rd, just before lockdown started.

Yes, just watched a few clips on YouTube to try and figure out the date.

I wonder if they will drop the 2 meter rule between presenters when (or indeed, if) restrictions end on the 21st June?

My guess is that if the government remove a requirement for social distancing entirely - then TV shows will return to pre-Covid staging.

If the government continue to request social distancing - many TV shows will continue with it - at the distance required. (Given that the 2m rule has been with us pretty much since the start of the government pandemic recommendations, and not been relaxed without mitigations being in place (and even then only if absolutely necessary), I suspect it'll be 2m or nothing)

It would be unlikely that the Government will continue to request social distancing much after 21 June, seeing as businesses such as nightclubs will be open. It would be impossible to enforce it there.

As JVT said a month or two back, the likely scenario is that the measures such as distancing and masks will become personal choice. The vaccines are clearly having the desired effect and much more.

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Good Morning Britain in 2020

I know Alastair is a forum favourite. But I think it’s fair to say his goose is cooked. I cannot now see how he will ever be allowed back on ITV given the nature of the reason he left (and especially the word whichever context he used it...given the sensitivities over race are even more heightened now compared to the start of this year).

It's a shame someone as good as Alastair has had their career brought to such an abrupt end by a mere misinterpretation. The cancel culture really is a stain on TV.