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S2 / UTV2 / TV You

I have some S2 screenshots on my DOG Watch page - they are all of the film Aliens and feature the opaque "S2" DOG which is hiding the ITV2 DOG underneath...


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New Flash Files and Non-Flash Files at

Eight years ago, Dave Jeffery sent me a new batch of Flash Files. I was very excited - I always am when he sends me an email with attachments. I set to work on getting them ready to publish. Then I got distracted. I got married and had a child (not necessarily in that order). Work got busy (and still is).

But finally, I've found the time to publish some new TV station clocks. Most of the BBC clocks have also been updated to better reflect how and when the hands moved. You can see them all at

If you're on a mobile or tablet running iOS or modern Android, these won't work, of course. But so that you're not left out, I've converted a handful of the older Flash Files (production captions and test patterns) to a new format. There's nothing animated yet, but I've made a start. The links are on the homepage at

Hope you enjoy them and thanks for your patience Smile