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What you like about this telly stuff...

Grew up with the Lambie-Nairn Anglia and BBC 2 idents of the 90s and used to be fascinated with how they were produced. I loved days off school when sick - watching BBC Schools, with all the interstitial programming was one of my favourite things to do as a kid. It all seemed so basic yet exciting.

All these years later, I ended up working in TV (despite wanting to be an Airbus pilot), and very much enjoy being a part of the whole process itself now. I worked at the BBC for a few years before joining ITV almost 10 years ago.

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ITV presentation refresh in the New Year

As others have said, it was the annual internal year summary - 'sexed up' by making it a GMB style live stream.

P.S. Pres geeks - apparently you should set your VCRs to record from January 2019!

Yes, the main ITV identity is getting a slight tweak in the new year with a 'cut out' look, alongside 'project 52', which will see an ident refresh. Some of the preview clips look amazing. Think BBC2 Lambie-Nairn era...

ECPs are changing to a new 'layered' style, and promo material will now include programme branding alongside the respective ITV channel logo.

The ITV Hub logo is also being brought 'in line' with the rest of the ITV logo family (the 'Ferris wheel' identity is going).

Bizarrely, an ITV magazine is also launching on 27 Dec, to be distributed exclusively in Waitrose.