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TV Breakdown Appreciation Thread

Si-Co posted:
In light of this website closing down, this is a tribute to my first ever post on this forum, which was on this very thread!

Here is another version of "The Time The Place" protest, not really anything different about this one (apart from the better quality Laughing) other than a lady announcer apologising over the programme's logo.

"That's The Time and the Place, in just a moment" or maybe not as they cut to a caption. (and a completely different announcer!)


So where were these announcements coming from, and were they networked?

I’m assuming the female announcer is the local one for the region this was recorded from? I vaguely remember seeing this on Tyne Tees and I don’t think there was any voice-over the TTTP caption. It’s a long time ago though - I could be totally wrong.

The male announcer over the TM slide is possibly Granada, as everything from 0925 to the end of TM used to be routed through Quay Street.

Yes, the female announcer will be the local one from the region in which the recording was made.
The male announcer is Mark Lipscomb at Carlton in London. His announcement would have been networked from London to the regions as the programme would have been routed via LNN in London.
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East Midlands Today off air

Today’s Midlands' Breakfast bulletins were pan-regional from Nottingham with stories and weather for both sides of the Midlands.
The presenter, Mel Coles, made it clear that this was due to the ‘Coronavirus crisis’.