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Government to hold daily UK televised press briefings

Stranger things do happen. Well known reporters have left the BBC and other broadcasters before for seemingly thankless PR type jobs. Martin Sixsmith worked for the Blair government whilst Michael Cole and Laurie Mayer both worked for Mohamed Fayed.

Robert Nesbit, formally Sky and BBC News, now PR for the Rail Operators Association. As I said up thread there's an overlap between journalism, politics, and PR

Yes. I work in comms and marketing as my main job and then have radio as a sideline (the latter was originally going to be my career - well, that or joining the Police). The two very much overlap. I certainly wouldn't be able to do one job without the experience or skillset of the other.

In hindsight I made the right decision as to which to make a career out of, even though I have a qualification in radio. In fact most people who I know in the comms sector these days I knew from my radio work years back and have joined the industry in the last few years.

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New BBC corporate font: BBC Reith

Moz posted:

It's July, so clear your diaries, get the time booked off, cause that's what I'm doing.