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Was at the Albert Dock earlier this year, very little trace of This Morning left now, but the pillars outside what used to be the studio are still a different colour and texture to the rest of the dock. Stayed in the Premier Inn there, it's quite fascinating, the way they've built it into the dock, still with the original walls, arches and roofs, makes it feel very different to a typical hotel.

There's a fairly large part of what we know as the Albert Dock that was built when it was redeveloped in the 80s rather than being original buildings. The Granada TV News building for one.

Granada was in the old Dock Traffic Office, definitely one of the old buildings. There’s a photo of it pre-redevelopment here: https://albertdock.com/history (first B&W photo)

Wow that surprises me as I clearly misunderstood something I was told previously.! I stand corrected.
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Best and Worst Regional Titles and Themes

The whole package screamed confidence, after a shaky few years following the franchise renewal.

I've always like that HTV ident. It was such a massive improvement from the 'ice cream van' version.

The audio is apparently intended to be a stylised version of the original aerial ident. You can just about make it out it in the build up and more obviously the 'wah wah' at the end.

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Good Evening Britain

The clock's 12 hours behind.