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X Factor to 'scrap live shows' until final week as producers give format the BGT treatment

X Factor bosses want to "shake up" the format - by scrapping so many live shows, just like BGT.

Bosses of the popular ITV singing competition - headed by music mogul Simon Cowell - are reportedly looking to make big changes to the way the show is formatted, as they are thinking of emulating the success of sister show 'Britain's Got Talent' (BGT) by having a whole week of live finals.

An insider told The Daily Record: "The X Factor executives feel it needs a shake-up with big changes to the format. They have been discussing having just a few weeks of live shows - so people get to know the singers - and then one big finals week. They think viewers would prefer one week of great TV, with star performers. BGT is a huge success, so they could take inspiration from worse places."

"If the show did decide to copy the format of 'Britain's Got Talent' - which was also created by 57-year-old Simon - the insider believes it would greatly help the judges, especially Sharon Osbourne who last year found herself constantly flying between her home in Los Angeles and the filming location in London.

The source continued: "If the live shows were focused on one week it would be easier to fit into schedules for the judges. Sharon had to commute from the States every week for months. Cutting down the live shows is just one of a series of scheduling options, but the move wouldn't affect the total number of hours of the series."

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the ' X Factor ' said "no decisions" have yet been made about the new series - which will hit screens in the autumn - as talks are still "ongoing".

They told the publication: "No decisions have been made about the new series. Discussions are ongoing and details will be announced in due course."


Interesting proposal, and one that has been discussed previously on here before.

However The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent are quite different shows in terms of structure. I'm not sure it would work as well for TXF, particularly at that time of year.

The last time they stripped The X Factor was when they did Battle of the Stars and I think it ended up feeling very rushed and throwaway.
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