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Sky News | General Discussion

Ste posted:
Just after the 1pm top of the hour (rewind to it via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOacA3RYrXk) , Colin Braziers mic was left open while showing footage of NASA mission control, saying:

"Steps, like exercise steps" - after previously saying the astronauts had landed on the Kazakhstan steppe.
"Also I'm not sure if its the strongest hurricane on record, I made that up too" - Headline sequence had about Hurricane Michael.

I know Colin. He would maybe say that as a joke, but not seriously. Stop trying to smear the best news organisation in the UK

Maybe he would rummage through a dead passenger’s bag as a joke too?

How was that smearing if it happened,and best news organisation is just an opinion, largely viewed by Sky employees more than anything.
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This Morning

Some were slagging off Phillip the other day, but I bet that potted history of TV Centre that took over the first 10 mins of This Morning was all his doing. Explaining that there are now three studios, and mentioning which ones aren’t there anymore, and also throwing in an old clip of Going Live.

When you realise how many studios they have demolished at Television Centre, it does make you a bit sad. I have said before, and it was mentioned by others, that BBC Studioworks did consider retaining Studio TC4, however money led that down the drain fairly quickly. I wish them well at Television Centre. My only gripe is the GMB intro, "from ITV Studios", eh no you are not. ITV does not own these studios, they are sub-letting them. Just my only little gripe with the whole process.

so if a company, say a hair salon leased a building for 5 years let’s say, then they shouldn’t be allowed to put their name above the shop door? I don’t see a differnce here I’m afraid.