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Armed Insurrection at US Capitol Building

For those calling for BBC One to drop their programmes and simulcast BBC News, no! By all means stick a bit of text on screen briefly advising to tune to BBC News for ongoing developments but some people won’t want to watch it. It may not interest them. BBC News can be picked up on every TV set in the land that can receive BBC One. Let the news channels do the rolling news, and leave the bulletins to BBC One etc.

I'm fine with that as long as they apply it across the board, but they don't. Why is it deemed worthy for election coverage to take over BBC One the day after the election as it usually does, or rolling coverage of a terrorist attack (which yesterday's events arguably were) to do the same when your argument could be made in both situations.
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Coronavirus | Television News Coverage

BBC1 leave the Press Conference journalists questions early to go to Strictly??? Wow!

It's really not good for the national broadcaster. How is the dancing show more important than one of the biggest announcements ever, which affects the whole country?? Cutting of the Prime Minister and telling viewers to switch to their (pathetic) news channel to see the rest of it?!!
A lot of people wouldn't have bothered turning over to the news channel and won't see the important explanations that the PM and his scientists are giving. Staying on One would have captured a lot more viewers for this important moment.
Again, Sky News coverage has been faultless.

It wasn't the BBC who delayed the conference for hours.

Besides, most will have known what was to be said considering the Times story broke nearly 24 hours ago.