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Nah, I'll let you figure it out for yourself.

Final word: If they auditioned a variety of people and the gameshow host was the best person for the job then so be it. But if they cast Bradley solely because they wanted a gameshow host, to be PC, then that's disgusting and the BBC need to be held accountable.

No you'll made no actually point and made stupid comment. All I see is you moaning for no good reason.

Replace 'game show host' with 'woman' and you'll figure it out.

Yes, they are mimicking the response to Jodie's casting.
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The Cube must be back rehearsing or filming now, or is that the rectangular cuboid? (If Schofe says it then it must be true! Taken from his Instagram)


It’s most likely as the ‘cube’ doesn’t have exactly equal side lengths. I doubt they’ll call it The Rectangular Cuboid, it doesn’t have the same ring to it.


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Don't be afraid of the dark people.

I feel a comma may have been of use, Brekkie.