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Eurovision 2019

My Eurovision Song Contest League Tables 2019, which incorporate the results of the ESC 2019, are now available. Although the UK has had a generally poor performance in the Eurovision Song Contest for several years, the UK is still one of the best overall performance records in the history of the ESC. There are actually three separate tables; please click the link below:

Eurovision Song Contest League Tables 2019

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Eurovision 2019

It's all over now! Congratulations to the Netherlands for winning with 492 points. That's the lowest absolute score since the two-part voting system was introduced in 2016, but never mind, it was enough to win this time. Well done to Duncan Laurence for winning with the song "Arcade" in what must be one of the closest years I've ever known. That means the Netherlands have now won five times since their debut entry in the Contest's inaugural year 1956. The Netherlands - Winners 1957, 1959, 1969, 1975, 2019. 44 years gap between its two most recent wins (1975 - 2019).

Well done to all the 26 finalists that took part tonight. Commiserations to the United Kingdom, which finished last with just 16 points. Of those, 13 points were from the juries and 3 points were from the public vote (all of which were from Ireland). I'm not surprised though, I thought "Bigger Than Us" was one of the weakest songs tonight.

Altogether an excellent night of entertainment, and what a nail-biting voting sequence. The way in which the public vote totals were announced tonight was a vast improvement on the last three years. Sweden, which finished top of the jury vote, was last to receive its public vote points. When that moment arrived, it was a real nail-biting moment, for what seemed a long time, whilst waiting to see whether Sweden would get enough to pass the Netherlands and win. That moment was on a knife edge, down to the wire, unlike the last two years when the winner became obvious the moment the points for the second-placed country in the televote were announced. Anyway, I'm glad the Netherlands won, I think their "Arcade" was a better song than Sweden's "Too Late For Love".

Anyway I'm now dead tired, and in need of a good night's sleep. Goodnight.