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North American Affilliates/Network Set Design

Also Canadian and Mexican stations are assigned CALL SIGNS.
The famous Toronto station Citytv calls letters are CITY.

Canadian stations, especially those on television, rarely promote their call signs. They largely prefer the ubiquitous network name + city name formula instead.

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Sky News - V2 (Updated Pg2)

dbl posted:
Some flat screens will cut off as much as 10% when watching in a Standard Definition.

It looks messy and unreadable, when you factor in overscan.

Channels shouldn't be modifying their on-screen look to please a small amount of viewers who watch them on an outdated television format. Secondly, the font is highly legible on both formats. If anyone is watching them on a SD set, upgrade . Channels stopped pandering to SD viewers years ago and they don't care about viewers who watches them on said format.

Either that or just letterbox the channel. Wink