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ITV & the Olympics

Tom03 posted:
Have wondered how things might have panned out if it had been ITV rather than the BBC who had gone solo with the games in 1992. Back then the scheduling was very different to what we're used too now - live coverage was very much concentrated on key events but there were large chunks of the days when there was no coverage on air, with quite a bit left to highlights later at night, so on the whole scheduling them around things like the news, CITV and the breakfast franchise wouldn't have been an issue.

As an aside to that I wonder what would have happened had either Birmingham would the Olympic bid in 92 or either of Manchester's bids had won because if I remember correctly Granada was supposed to be the IBC for the Manchester bids.

Granada would not have been able to provide an 'IBC' with their then existing facilities.

With the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer the IBC was a purpose built facility. After those games part it was repurposed as NRK's regional centre for the area, (the remainder became a college)

The NRK part had a couple of studios, that they used for the games, and these were retained . However the vast bulk of the IBC equipment was only a rig for the event, and all ripped out again.

A similar thing may well have happened in Manchester

Ah I may have misread or misunderstood what I've seen before then. Wonder if ITV would have helped out broadcasting the Olympic s in those circumstances or whether there would have been a similar setup to the 02 Commonwealth games.

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Caroline Flack has died

Remember when News of the World was just tits, bingo and soap star affairs then it was discovered they where hacking dead teenager's mobile then the death star exploded and they were forced to change.

This feels like it should be that situation again. Remember when social media was prying on your ex girlfriends Ibiza pics, watching videos of panda's sneezing and discovering the next Arctic Monkeys. Now we have witch hunts, ghouls and bullys that cause people to kill themselves. You'd think things would change... They aren't going to are they...