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BBC Two 1991-2001 idents

Any CBBC One and Two continuity in the last few days prior to the launch of CBeebies and the CBBC Channel in February 2002.

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Disney+ UK Launch Date Confirmed

To add to that, the early 20th Television print logo also appeared on production scripts for Season 3 of The Simpsons, including Kamp Krusty, (the last to be produced by Klasky Csupo and as part of Season 3, but was held back to Season 4, along with A Streetcar Named Marge), Season 4 scripts until Season 7 had the later print logo.

But despite 20th Century Fox Television being revived early into S7's writing in 1995, the print logo for the latter didn't appear on the scripts until Season 8 entered production in 1996.

One more thing: does Some Enchanted Evening have the 1965 fanfare on the TCFTV logo? I've heard it's the only Simpsons episode to do so, as a new fanfare, an edited version of the 1979 TCF fanfare, was introduced in November 1989, and was used until the beginning of Season 9.

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Various takes of the TVS jingle recorded in 1981, notice the evolution of the jingle between each variant, (the sixth one in particular sounds especially close to the final aired version in 1982):