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Good Morning Britain

Car crash interview with Nicola Sturgeon this morning. Just shows how far Thursday and Friday's programmes are from Monday to Wednesday. Needs to be addressed.

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Sky News presentation - New studio onwards

As the most-frequent guest producer on the Press Preview, I feel I should say that - as far as I'm aware - none of you know these people on whom you are making these ad-hominem attacks. You are, of course, entitled to your opinions, but I can't help but feel that such rhetoric about presenters and reporters wouldn't be tolerated, so quite aside from the fact that the discussion has veered off being at all pres-related, I would suggest that it should be curtailed.

urrrgh. Let people have their say. No-one is being defamatory. We all know you work for Sky News, you don't have to constantly make out like we are privileged to have you on the forum, and be so defensive about its output or its contributors. It's boring.