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Anime discussion thread

Evening all,

I thought it would be a good idea to discuss anime on this forum as it is something I am interested in and would like to speak to others who are also interested in it.

I am interested in finding out the history of anime being broadcast on British TV, such as when it started to be broadcast in the UK?

We could discuss here, what you favorite anime is?, Which one are you watching now?/Where are you watching it?(Crunchyroll/Funimation/Netflix?), What was the first anime you watched?

I got into anime in 1999 with Pokemon, Digimon Adventure and Monster Rancher. After that I dipped into Cardcaptor Sakura, DBZ, Bayblade, Naruto and other Digimon series. I am currently watching Black Clover and My Hero Academia dubbed on Funimation as well as Seven Deadly Sins on Netflix. Code Geass and Digimon are my all time favorites.

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I’m A Celebrity .... 2020

Jonwo posted:
The eating trials can be adapted, there’s just as many disgusting food here as there is in Australia.

Wrestlers burgers, Jellies Eels, Spam, Kraft Cheese Singles, poo