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New BBC One ident

What some people fail to remember is that, if you spend a lot of time and effort on a lovely Christmas package and put large amounts of care and detail in the idents, surely you would want them to be on as much as possible? Besides, the amount of people who get excited for the ident after a month of trailers could be counted on one hand - members of TV Forum aren't the main demographic the BBC are pitching these at.

And as said above, why would you complain considering what it's replacing. I do hope they go back to the normal idents in the New Year, just to stop reminding us of this year, even if it is a bit like trading an Austin Allegro for a Vauxhall Viva.

Possibly the BBC should think about ditching live action now, unless its picture postcards

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ITV Radio

Wonder after, what is Channel 4 bought the Bauer stations and possibly resurrect the 4radio brand?