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End of the road for UTV?

Yup. The subsidiary / legal entity previously called ITV Anglia Ltd was at some point renamed as something like ITV Broadcasting Ltd, with umpteen Channel 3 licences being transferred to it. All (I think?)* of the other "ITV (region name) Ltd" subsidiaries therefore became Dormant Companies.

*I'm not sure whether ITV Breakfast Broadcasting Ltd (formerly GMTV) and/or UTV Ltd remain functional, or if their respective licences were also transferred to "Anglia"?

As others have noted, the now ITV plc-owned Channel Television company itself (whatever its legal name now is) remains the direct owner of the Channel 3 licence for the Channel Islands.

For those interested in knowing what was consolidated when as regards to ITV Broadcasting:

Anglia Television Ltd became ITV Broadcasting on 29 Dec 2006. (It swapped names with another company called ITV Broadcasting, which itself became the now dissolved Anglia Television).
Most broadcasting assets (presumably including staff) of the ITV plc-owned ITV companies were transferred in two chunks on 1 Jan 2007 and 1 Apr 2007, as detailed in the annual report: Production assets were consolidated into ITV Productions.
The broadcast licenses were consolidated into ITV Broadcasting in October 2008:

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Scandinavian TV

Earlier this year the Danish government announced major cuts for Denmark's broadcaster DR that will see hundreds loose their jobs and funding decreased by 20 percent until 2021. Today DR announced what channels they are going to close. The money saved will be diverted to a fund that provides production support for other producers. The changes will be implemented in 2020.

DR3 and DR Ultra (similar to BBC Three and CBBC) will "move online".
DRK (similar to BBC Four) will merge into DR2. There will also be a new "cultural" offering online called DR2+.
DR1 and DR Ramasjang (BBC One and Cbeebies) will remain as they are.
Three digital radio stations, P6 Beat, P7 Mix and P8 Jazz, are also closing.
Altogether, DR is moving from six to three TV channels and from eight to five radio stations.

Article in English:
Some Danish links from DR: